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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 28, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on channel 2. >> new information tonight about a deadly officer-involved shooting in san mateo, and the sounds of the gunshots being fired. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. his mother says he was a schizophrenic and needed his medication. police say he was threatening people. continuing coverage tonight of a story we were following at 5:00 and 6:00. we're live in san mateo where we have obtained audio of the
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fatal shots. lloyd? >> frank, two san mateo police officers, 11 and 13-year veterans are on administrative leave tonight, and the san mateo district attorney's office is conducting an investigation, and we have cellphone video where you can hear today's gunshots. >> reporter: a neighbor says he used his iphone video camera when he saw police walking down his street shortly after 10:30 this morning. you can hear obscenities yelled, and theyards get down, stay on the ground, and five gunshots. >> it sounded like a smaller gun at first, followed by rifles of some type. a few minutes after that, some policemen came out and looked pretty distraught. >> reporter: it happened on oak street in san mateo in a well- kept neighborhood. the man killed is 35-year-old robert caron. the police chief says he was carrying a 38 caliber handgun.
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>> the suspect pointed a handgun directly at the officers and fired upon them. officers returned fire as the suspect fled to his backyard. an officer encountered the armed suspect and fired one shot, striking the suspect and ending the immediate threat. >> reporter: police say they were initially called to a store on reports of a man with a handgun acting aggressively. officers tracked that man to his home on oak street, and confronted him in his front yard. >> he's schizophrenic, okay? everybody knows, the police know. he didn't take the medication. i never pay. okay? he got very upset, came home, and they send the police here, and his gun now. >> police say caron had an extensive history of threats against police officers. this is the third time in the last five years that san mateo police have shot and killed a suspect. live in san mateo, channel 2
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news. an inmate on death row died of natural causessed to 15 years after he was sentenced to death. officials say richard parson was 67 years old. in 1996, he was convicted of fatally beating a woman during a robbery at her home in sacramento. since 1978, when the death penalty was reinstated in california, only 13 prisoners have been executed. 63 others on death row have died of disease, old age or illness. 18 more committed suicide. right now, there are 713 inmates on california's death row. an attorney representing nancy garridos says his client has confessed to one of the most notorious kidnapping cases in california history. they were awaiting trial for kidnapping dugard and holding her prisoner for 18 years.
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we are near antioch with the attorney's rationale for this one somethinged -- unexpected development. >> for 18 years, the garridos lived with their secret. now, the attorney says the couple confessed and hopes that some day she will get out of prison alive. >> reporter: they appeared in the courthouse today for a brief hearing. the defense attorney representing nancy garridos revealed that the couple confessed to investigators during separate meetings. >> mr. and mrs. garridos have given full and complete statements to the sheriff's department in the last month or so. been honest with them, frankly, in the hope of mercy on the behalf of mr. garridos for mrs. garridos. >> reporter: nancy garridos' defense attorney says she confessed. if the confession leads to a plea deal, dugard and her two
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daughters would be spared from having to testify in open court. prosecutors offered her 241 years to life. for philip, 440 years to life. he hopes to negotiate a reduced sentence. >> she should be able to at least walk on the beach probably with a walker at some point in time before she dies. >> reporter: the break in the 18-year-old kidnapping case in august 2009. philip garridos' odd behavior caught the attention of two female officers. campus police say this case is a lesson for everyone to trust their gut instincts. >> i would surprised if they get out of jail before their life is done. >> the attorney says nancy garridos should be shown some mercy, because she was a mother figure. but tapson acknowledged --
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[ indiscernible ] >> reporting live, amber lee, channel 2 news. and has more details on today's major new developments. click on the dugard case tab, and you'll find the entire interview with nancy garridos' attorney. a judge sentenced a man to three life sentences for the too mucher of a teenage boy in tracy as well as kidnapping, child abuse and false imprisonment. anthony waiters is to serve the life sentences concurrently and could be paroled in 19 years. he has always said he wasnone, and he was the only -- he was innocent. during waiters' trial, the boy testified about how waiters cut him and set his pants on fire. waiters' attorney says he will on fire. police have released a photo of a fan suspected of robbing a 7-11 store last week. here is the photo taken during
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that robbery. it happened before 3:00 a.m. at a store on south main street. police say the robber took cash from the store's clerk and then took off on foot. detectives say they're trying to determine if this robbery is related to two other recent 7- 11 robberies in both walnut creek, and conquered. a san francisco woman was sentenced today for pretending to be a victim of the san bruno pipeline explosion. 47-year-old angela wise pleaded no contest in december to several felonies, including identity theft. she was sentenced to a year. prosecutors say she passed herself as a san bruno resident after the september disaster. they say she visited assistance centers, claimed the blast left her homeless and asked for opinion. executives will be in the hot seat torm in washington, d.c. that's when the national transportation safety board begins a three-day hearing into the september explosion and fire. it's going to be the first time
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pg&e testifies publicly about the disaster. they will also look into pipeline accidents in illinois, michigan, texas, and florida. san jose pot clubs got word today that they are free to open for business tomorrow, provided they pay taxes. and as we report, the city also told them how much to pay. >> reporter: there are about 100 cannabis clubs in san jose right now, but the city has yet to fully develop a medical marijuana policy on the same day the city plans to start taxing and overseeing the clubs, san jose's very first collective will reopen tomorrow as the a2c2 all-american cannabis club. >> the new collective gives us a chance to take the collective to arth level. >> reporter: san jose's new policy through measure u. appear as monthly gross receipt tax. officials told owners the rate is 7%. so when a club grosses
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$143,000, the city gets $10,000 with a $2,500 penalty for late payments. but what upset the owners is so far the policy addresses money not legality. in fact, hodges says clubs are still considered illegal in san jose and paying the tax could be seen as incriminating by federal authorities who consider marijuana sales illegal. >> so are you going to pay the tax? >> i would like to pay the tax if san jose modifies the language of it so that it's legal for me to do so i will pay the tax. >> reporter: san jose plans to clarify legal issues in june, but until then -- >> and if you're omedical cannabis collective, and you want to remain open, then you will pay the tax and pay it on time. >> reporter: so even though the tax starts tomorrow, a showdown is brewing when the first tax payments are due. channel 2 news. we are back on storm watch
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tonight tracking another winter storm that's taking aim at northern california. chief meteorologist bill martin says it won't be as cold, but might be just as wet as last week's storms. >> higher snow levels, but a very wet system. the computer model late tonight had some showers offshore. watch this. as i tee up tomorrow afternoon, this is the next system it promises to be a wet one, maybe an inch to an inch and a half of rain. we'll roll the rest of that computer model, and i'll have your five-day forecast. we'll see you here. an earthquake struck near the geysers in sonoma county this evening. that's not unusual, but the size of the quake is noteworthy. they put the magnitude at 4.4. that is stronger than what this area is used to. the quake hit at 6:20 this morning. it's one of the largest geothermal fields. another earthquake in a robot series of quakes has
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rattled folks in arkansas. a surveillance camera caught a clerk running out of a convenience store when the quake hit 11:00 last night. the quake registered 4.7 and was felt in neighboring states. there have been nearly 800 small earthquakes in arkansas since last september. a san jose man is in a coma tonight, and his family is pleading for help to find the driver who hit him. what police know about the suspect's vehicle. major progress on the new bay bridge. where the project stands at this hour and the warning that cal tran is giving drivers. but first, a big rig accident shuts down 880
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new video now on tonight's big problems on interstate 880 in oakland caused by a lost mattress. the highway patrol says the mattress caused about five vehicles, including a big rig to crash around 6:30 tonight on the northbound side near the interchange. traffic was slowed for at least three hours. authorities say the big rig politicalled at least 100 gallons -- spilled at least 100 gallons of diesel fuel. police are searching for a hit-and-run driver tonight as a father lies hospitalized in a coma. police say a mini van hit the bicyclist. we spoke with his family. >> he was on mcloughlin.
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>> reporter: family members are waiting and praying for 41-year- old david garcia outside the regional medical center of san jose. >> he still has tubes, all this ribs are broken. they have him heavily sedated. >> how could you hit somebody like that, you know. >> reporter: garcia's family says he was riding home on his bicycle about 10:00 sunday morning. he'd gone to help his parents that day by going to a local store to run an errand for them. >> he was going to the store to get lottery tickets for my parents. >> reporter: garcia's family says near the intersection of crusera drive and newbert lane, he was hit from behind. the driver left garcia bleeding on the ground. witnesses show us where he was found. this neighbor who didn't want to be identified says her uncle rushet outside to help the victim. >> he was saying help, help and my uncle say what happened, what happened, he was saying, somebody hit me with a car. >> reporter: san jose police
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say they're looking for a white mini van. it's likely there is damage to the front or the right passenger side. >> we think there's somebody out there that knows somebody, maybe in that neighborhood. >> david garcia's family hopes someone will help them find this hit-and-run driver. san jose police tell me that there is a cash reward for anyone who provides a tip that leads to an arrest. in san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. in oakland, cars hit a teenage boy and a toddler this evening in two separate accidents within about a half- hour of each other. around 5:00 p.m., police say a hit-and-run driver injured a 13- year-old boy. the teen was taken to the hospital. police called his injuries minor. no information is being released about the suspect vehicle. and about 30 minutes earlier, a car hit a 2-year-old boy, in a stroller as he and his mother were crossing the street. they were in the crosswalk at the time. the child had scrapes and
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bruises but was not seriously injured. the driver stopped and was not cited. a simmering feud between two groups that want to put up memorials to honor the more than 900 people who died in the jonestown massacre boiled over today. norwood lost 25 members back in 1978. for years, she's been trying to raise the money to erect a large memorial at the evergreen cemetery in oakland. today, norwood, and the group she works with held a press conference to denounce plans by another group. >> it's like going to the jewish community and telling them to put adolf hitler's name on it. >> if you leave his name off, you are recognizing his
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authority. >> jones' adopted son says norwood has been unable to get a memorial in place for more than 30 years, and he and others want to see the project completed now. tomorrow in wisconsin, there can be some of the biggest protests yet when the governor unveils his next proposal. [ chanting ] >> kill the bill! >> demonstrators rallied today denouncing governor scott walker's ongoing proposal to eliminate the collective bargaining rights of most state workers. tomorrow he intends to release his two-year spending plan. it will call for major cuts for schools and local governments to reduce an estimated $3.6 billion budget shortfall. in washington, d.c., progress towards an agreement to prevent a government shutdown for at least a couple of weeks. the white house signaled approval of a short-term bill that makes immediate cuts in federal spending that congressional republicans want. but some democrats oppose that approach. they prefer a long-term
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spending package. the deadline for a deal is this coming friday. in new zealand, the nation paused today to mourned the victims of last monday's devastating earthquake. across the country, people stood silent for two minutes at the exact time the quake hit, 12:51 p.m. there is little hope of finding any more survivors. crews have recovered 154 bodies. and police say the final death toll will likely be 240. no one has been found alive since the day after the quake. libyan leader moammar qaddafi today laughed off the question about whether he would step down as president obama has insisted. instead, qaddafi told abc news that his people love him and would die for him. they are indeed dying. his loyalists battled rebels who had taken control of two cities. rita williams reports a san jose man is keeping track of all the violence in his homeland from afar. >> reporter: his san jose house
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is 6,800 miles from his homeland. >> the first few days, i was very helpless. >> reporter: so zaden turned that helplessness into action. using his expertise as a web analyst to set up this website in arabic for people in libya to know what's happening. it's not always pretty. this toddler killed in the uprising. now, haunted by the dead, zaden lived in libya from age 7 to 22. he says with only 6 million people there, libyans know each other. so these soldiers were killed for refusing to shoot fellow libyans. >> this guy is holding the spoken. >> reporter: this just-posted cellphone video of one of qaddafi's armed sons shows qaddafi is still recruiting to fight. >> he's promising these guys to provide them with weapons. >> reporter: he's still
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optimistic, says it took protesters 18 days to win in egypt, three weeks in tunisia, and now it's 14 days in libya. >> and it's a matter of days, and i see it happening very quickly. >> reporter: but he worries how many more libyans might die for that to happen. ktvu channel 2 news. and after a couple of days of record low temperatures over the weekend it's warmer out there. the winds are out of the south, santa rosa's at 42, everybody pretty much stays above freezing. cool out there either way. tomorrow, the clouds increase, showers tomorrow night, and then we go into a wet pattern that lasts for a bit. these are the forecast lows, 40 in haywood, 40 in freemont. it's chilly, but not as cold as it was in that arctic air. here's how it breaks out tomorrow. the clouds increase all day, as we get into the afternoon
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hours, fully cloudy, mostly cloudy, and then rain starts tomorrow night. i've got the latest computer model, and it shows a pretty significant wet weather event as we roll into your wednesday morning commute. we'll have all that. a snag developed today during a space walk outside the international space station. one of the two astronauts from the space shuttle discovery had to hold onto an 800-pound pump for almost a half-hour. he didn't dare let it go. the problem is with the system that controls the robot arm which the astronauts need to install the pump. i feel like i need to wake up from a dream i'm having. >> it's no dream, folks. it's an oscar
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pictures tonight at the new eastern stan of the bay bridge where crewed to began installing the last of those vertical columns that will make up the signature tower. drivers will notice that the tower is nearing its final height. we have been following the construction right from the beginning, and in tonight's update, we explain just how delicate and difficult this work is. >> reporter: today, the first of the final four top tier vertical columns that will make up the signature tower of the new eastern span of the bridge went up. each column will take 30 hours to install. ten hours of that time will be to slowly lift the columns 400 feet in the air to be placed atop the other tiers already in place. then in early april comes the crown. >> the last piece to go on is the piece that connects all four of the legs. it has a saddle that the main cable lays in to hold up the
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rest of the bridge. >> reporter: as each piece is installed, that's to assure that if a major quake strikes the uncompleted bridge, it will not fail. then when fully completed in 2013, there will be no road collapse as we saw in the earthquake. even in the largest credible quake, the bridge is designed to be back in full service very quickly. despite all this activity, cal tran says bridge commuters have not gawked or rubbernecked, keeping traffic on the move. >> motorists have been fantastic so far in keeping their eyes on the road and driving safe. >> after this tier of columns is finally up, all that remains is the top cap and all of that will be done sometime in april. the tower will stand at its final height of 525 feet. i'm consumer editor tom acof, ktvu channel 2 news. news chopper 2 was overhead when a column first started
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moving into position. you'll find that video on our website, a 72-year-old man died today when he fell into a meat grinding machine at a processing plant. the accident occurred at central valley meat company in the city of hanford. some unidentified -- the unidentified man died at the scene. the company says the employee's death is being fully investigated. state regulators say the company has been investigated for two previous accidents. after 25 years as archbishop of los angeles, cardinal roger mahone stepped down today. taking his place is jose gomez. mahoney will be remembered as someone who worked for immigrant rights. he will remain a cardinal. one last note, today also happened to be his 75th birthday. for many world war ii g. i.'s, she was the girl in the haystack. we mark the passing of jane
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russell who tied at the age of 89. she starred in the movie the outlaw. the film was panned by the critics, even called one of the weirdest westerns in history. here hour-glass figure may have insinuated a myriad of sins, but she was a political conservative who prompted the use of bibles in public schools. another hat in the ring, the field of candidates hoping to be san francisco's next mayor continues to grow. billboards are old school. san francisco's now one of the first cities in the country to
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employees at emeryville's pixar studios are celebrating tonight. pixar scored its sixth oscar last night. late this afternoon, we sat down for a rare interview with the director and producer of the blockbuster hit, now academy award winner toy story 3, and we have this story. >> we were here as the champagne was flowing, everyone here gushing with enthusiasm, waiting to see oscar number 6 for themselves. >> we all knew this day was coming. >> reporter: it wasn't a real surprise that toy story three won an oscar. after all, the family-friendly film broke records at the box office, becoming the highest-grossing film of last year. >> come on, let's see how much we're going for on ebay. >> and now to have this cap it all off, it couldn't get any better. >> reporter: straight off a plane from l.a., the director
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talked about what has been a worldbound 24 hours. while growing up in a little town outside of ohio, he had his eyes on hollywood, telling me his yearbook page said see you at the academy awards. >> i left 25 years ago with dreams of making movies, and you dream of something like this happening, but it doesn't normally happen in real life. >> reporter: the producer says there is something magical about the toy story franchise that began in 1995. >> it started our industry, and our company and so now to be there at the academy awards is a wonderful punctuation on an unbelievable great ride. >> reporter: the latest adventure was nominated in five catergories. >> we were the -- that was an enormous honor. >> they were nice enough to pose for a picture, even letting me hold the oscker and i have to tell you that thing
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is a lot heavier than i thought it was. kind of explains why he was complaining of sore biceps. ktvu channel 2 news. with oil prices backing away from recent highs, the dow picked up 96 points and although the nasdaq rose just a single point, both indices have now posted gains for three months in a row. the nasdaq is off to its fastest two-month start since 1998. zip car announced today that meg whitman is joining its board of directors. zip car is considering going public in a bid to raise about $75 million. it has not set a date yet for an initial public offer. and meg whitman helped ebay become a multibillion dollars operation. a drought father who stopped traffic on the bay bridge when he threatened to blow up the bridge may be going
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to jail. craig belantino pleaded guilty. he had his 16-year-old daughter in the car with him during the incident. under a plea deal, it's expected he will be sentenced to a year in prison. deliberately pointing a laser at an aircraft could become a federal crime. laser strikes on aircraft have increased in the last few years. they can distract, and blind a pilot. our helicopter was targeted in 2009. today, the house passed a bill to outlaw it. the senate has passed a similar measure. now, the two bills must be reconciled and sent to the president for his signature. yet another major player entered the race for mayor of san francisco today. he joins a crowded field for an election that right now, at least is wide open. >> david khu. >> reporter: on the steps of
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city hall, the latest big name candidate jumped into the mayor's race. david chu filed his paperwork, and then said why he's a better choice. >> i have a record of actually building bridges here at city hall and actually doing the tough work on the challenges that we have. >> reporter: conventional wisdom says the race will center on fewer than 10 people. chu, arrero, dufty, ting, yee, former supervisor, tony hall and venture captalist joanna reese. >> i think there's a qualitative difference between somebody who has managed an office of 350 people that's nationally recognized for legal excellence versus someone in a legislative branch. >> i honestly think the response that people have to me is based on the work that i've
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done as a supervisor. >> reporter: this wide-open mayor's race is the first to have ranked choice voting which the candidates say could make for a more cordial campaign. >> in the past, you would stop talking to them. this forces you to continue the conversation, because you want the rankings. >> reporter: the biggest question that remains is will current mayor ed lee decide to join the race? in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> cycling champion lance armstrong is backing a new tax on tobacco in california. armstrong is a cancer survivor and today urged support for the california cancer research act. the tax would fund research on cancer. it would increase taxes by a dollar a pack, raising $500 million a year. the tax will be on the june ballot if a special election is called. otherwise, it would land on february 2012 ballot. an update on a story we first told you about last november, the drug enforcement
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administration says an emergency plan to outlaw five chemicals used in synthetic marijuana will go into effect tomorrow. as we told you last year in a special report, the fake marijuana is sold under various names, including spice, k2, blaze and red x dawn. the d.e.a. announced the emergency measure following numerous reports of bad reactions to school synthetic pot, including seizures and hallucinations. it was a shocking scene, a car accelerated through dozens of cyclists, sending them flying. the charges that driver could now face. and keep the umbrellas handy tomorrow, and the next couple of days. i'm going to show you when that next weather system gets here. it will be a wet one when it shows up. also, ahead, consumer reports hands down its top
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there will be no maverick surf contest this year. the window officially closed today. a lack of big waves wiped out plans for this year's event, which is held north of half moon bay. 24 surfers from around the world are given 48 hours' notice to get there when the conditions are right. consumer reports has crowned three japanese companies as best all-around car makers. honda, subaru and toyota got top honors for the third year in a row. the ratings are based on the magazine's road tests and reliability scores. honda was the best overall with 74 out of 100 points. subaru second with 73 points, followed by toyota with 71 points. chrysler had the worst ranking with only 43 points. one of the suspects in a
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breach of ipad e-mail addresses was released on bail today. andrew arnhimer was also ordered not to use the internet for anything but work. he, and david spitler of san francisco face fraud and conspiracy charges. he allegedly stole 100,000 e- mail addresses of apple ipad users. spitler was freed on bail last month. news of the world tonight, in brazil policed to say they have tracked down the driver who accelerated right through a pack of some 100 bicyclests on friday. at least 40 of those cyclists were injured, no one fortunately was killed. the driver could be charged with attempted homicide. the cyclists were calling for a change in traffic laws to reduce the number of cars on the road. in mexico, authorities announced the arrest of the recuperated leader of the drug gang said to be responsible for killing an american customs agency earlier this month. mora is said to be the boss of
12:11 am
the zetas. he was picked up with five other suspects. police said they previously arrested the gunman. a fellow agent was injured in the shooting. and in iran, two have been held since july of 2009. they are accused of being spies. their companion, sarah shourd was freed. iran's foreign minister compared their case to those of two german journalists. the supreme court ruled today, a victim's dying statement when given at a crime scene can be used in a court of law. the decision stems from a 2001 detroit case where a man dying from a gunshot wound named the alleged gunman and told police where that man lived. the man was later arrested and convicted. on appeal, his lawyers argued successfully their client could not cross-examine the witness. in this case, the victim. today's decision reinstates that conviction. a man named frank buccholz
12:12 am
of west virginia has died at the age of 110. he was the last surviving veteran of world war one, known as the war to end all wars. frank buccholz lied about his age to enlist in the army in 1917 when he was just 16 years old. in recent years, buccholz campaigned for greater recognition for his former comrades. the 4.7 million americans who served in world war i. walk by your favorite store and get an advertisement texted to your phone. what shoppers told us about the idea. and another storm is taking aim at the bay area. aim at the bay area. chief me bree: sis, help me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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imagine walking by your favorite store and someone taps you on the shoulder to offer you a coupon or tell you which
12:15 am
items inside are now on sale. something similar is now reality. ken wane is live in san francisco where a pilot program is underway. ken? >> when you walk or drive through union square, you're immediately surrounded by advertising. well, starting today in san francisco, when you pass by a particular store, you can have that store's promos, coupons and specialty deals sent directly to your phone. >> reporter: this isn't spam. you have to sign up and you'll get no more than four text messages a week for special promotions. >> yeah, absolutely. i'm all about getting discounts. >> sometimes, when i'm walking around yes, because sometimes, i don't know what's on sale, so it's good to know. >> reporter: some stores such as north face already use the technology on a smaller scale. today, san francisco joins new york, l.a. and chicago as the first cities to be part of what will eventually be a nationwide text advertising program.
12:16 am
you enter your phone number on at&t's website, and when you're within 1 mile of a participating store, you'll get a text. >> if it was a sale on women's shoeses, i wouldn't be as inclined to stop in macey's. >> reporter: so far, k-mart, jet blue and hewlett-packard are among the companies that have signed on. >> if they can do it so it's something that i like then yeah, i would be more apt to do it, but if it's random then no. >> reporter: some say there's already enough advertising. >> i have better things in life. so if i get a text message, i know it's from somebody i love, motsome advertisers. >> this technology will work with any at&t phone, not just smart phones, because it uses cell towers to get out those text messages. i signed on earlier tonight and haven't received a single
12:17 am
advertisement yet. i must be more than a mile away from the closest phone offering those specials. live in san francisco, ken wane, ktvu channel 2 news. >> google says it expects to have all of the lost emails for its g-mail account users restored by tomorrow morning. google says some g-mail accounts have already been restored. the company has not said exactly how many accounts were affected by the unexplained problem, except what it is a very small fraction of the total. it could be in the tens of thousands. starting sunday, amazon's popular ereader, the kindle 3g will be sold at at&t stores. it will go on sale for $189. the same price that amazon sells it for online, but at&t will not sell the wi-fi version, because it doesn't use at&t's wireless network. california home-owners will have the opportunity to get up to 4,000-dollar in rebates if they make significant energy upgrades. the goal of the $300 million
12:18 am
program is to reduce energy, save money, and create jobs. home-owners have to take the first step and pay for the upgrades themselves before they're eligible for rebates. it's called energy upgrade california, and you can find the details on our website, the oracle trimaran arrived early this morning in san francisco. the yacht didn't sail here but arrived in pieces. the mast is too tall to sail under the goldenigate bridge. it's going to be the ambassador for the american cup competition. the yacht is said to be the fastest in the world, and won the 33rd america's cup. >> right now, it's going to be going into storage and will be there probably for the next several months, but we're working on a plan to enable the residents of san francisco to be able to get up and close and touch it. >> the boat arrived about two weeks before a new study is said to be released. it will show how much the
12:19 am
property deals made to bring the race to san francisco will actually cost the city. and we've got some showers showing up in the north part of the state, those showers will spread south tonight. they'll move south overnight and into tomorrow, and that means rain in your forecast. highs tomorrow will be about the same. i think it will be a little bit warmer as we get with a little bit of a southerly wind. it's a cool start tomorrow morning, temperatures in the mid-30s, upper 30s in the cold spots, warmer than it has been. this low pressure center drops down. the last storms we had over the weekend, those were arctic air mass storms. this is mild air, a lot of water being held up in here so as this thing moves onshore, we could see inch, inch and a half of rain in the heavier spots. that's going to happen between tomorrow night, it will go on the computer model here and early into wednesday morning. here we go, you'll see it tee up right there, that's tuesday
12:20 am
at 5:00 p.m. and then as we get into about the 9:00 hour, you almost see the frontal band here, there's a lot of moisture training in with this. this is the heart of the storm at 11:00 tomorrow night. there will be some wind with it. it's going to feel like winter again, not so much cold, but real wet. 11:00, it's not going to affect too many people. in the morning hours, early morning there's going to be some wed roadways. the heaviest showers will be over, but after some windy conditions you're going to have concerns for maybe limbs down as you travel into work on wednesday morning. and then it just turns into scattered showers wednesday. and you only get into a little something here as we go into thursday morning. not a big deal, but that could impact your thursday morning commute. friday starts to clear out nicely. those mountains keep getting snow. so tomorrow the main event is evening through the overnight hours into the morning, the heaviest rain will be 10:00 to midnight. forecast highs tomorrow, the clouds increase all day. the rain doesn't start until essentially, after the
12:21 am
afternoon commute. so there's your five-day forecast. it's a wet one, the weekend looking, okay right now. maybe a sprinkle on saturday morning, but the wednesday morning commute will be the biggest impact. >> i hope we're bay, where we need to be. >> way above. >> thank you, bill. u.s. pediatricians are calling on lawmakers to make it illegal for children under 18 to use tanning salons. the american academy of pediatricians says a national survey found that almost a quarter of white teenagers between 13 and 19 had used a tanning facility at least one. some studies suggest the risk of melanoma is 74% higher for people who use tanning beds frequently. older teens can in california with parental
12:22 am
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12:24 am
an exclusive east bay golf club is inviting you to hit the links for a good cause.
12:25 am
they opened its historic course to the general public again today to raise money for the first tee of oakland. the organization helps at-risk kids learn life skills through golf. the course is also opened to public for the next two mondays. they will donate $20 to the first tee for each person who plays. mark ibañez joins us now, sharks and warriors off tonight, so we're going to find out what's happening in spring baseball. >> down in arizona you know. it won't be long before the tedium of spring training sets in but for now, exhibition games giving baseball fans a little bit of oxygen before opening day. practice baseball in the cactus league, the a's and angels go at it, a two-run shot off dallas braden who pitched one inning in his first spring outing, gave up a couple of runs, walked two. five runs for the a's in the final two innings, michael
12:26 am
taylor the big blow, three-run homer, he had 2-5 and 3 ribbies, but the angels wind up winning, 8-7. giants pitching staff nowhere in sight against the brewers. they have plenty of hitting to make up for it, including brandon belt, r.b.i. single there. he also had a three-run double, finished 3-5 with 4 r.b.i., and the store of mark derosa continues. a shot to dead center field, that's a two-run homer, he's 6- 8 so far, all systems go for the guy who came over in the offseason last year, signed a huge contract but mark derosa missed basically the entire season with a wrist injury that required surgery. healthy again, doing everything he can to squeeze his way back into the manager's every day plans. >> i think bochy knows i can go to the outfield. i think he has his hands full with a lot of guys out there. i'll do whatever's asked. we had a versatile lineup last year, and it allowed him to
12:27 am
pull a lot of strings and do a lot of great matching up. meantime, hockey season, you know, it lasts forever, and there's always something to fret about. a month ago, the sharks were a border line playoff team. now, they have their act together, refinement always possible. they're playing their best hockey on the road, having won eight of their last 10 as they work out in preparation for thives, plenty of work lies ahead. >> we're not out of the danger zone yet. we're six points ahead of those teams, and we've got a couple of games in hand. we've got to continue to win and our fate's in our own hands, so it's -- it's a nice thing to have, but we still can't, you know, stop, every game is really important right now still. meantime, the college basketball hall of fame, a little more crowded as of today. eight more inductees elbowing their way, including chris mullein, acknowledged for his great career at st. john's. bobby knight for coaching,
12:28 am
ralph sampson, james worthy and russell, another former warrior, and that is the sporting life for a monday night. thank you. >> the
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